Mia and Her Tiny Ass Slave – Media Impact Customs handheld ass fetish

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:19 min

People who have contracted the incurable shrinking virus are sold as slaves to. The smallest and most unfortunate are the tiny ass slaves.

The model. Her ass crack sweats a lot, especially during long gym. She could hurt them

That's why she's been looking for a tiny ass slave for months, because they keep the ass crack free of sweat by licking it away, plus they scratch the ass crack and absorb farts.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get one because. We see in the POV of the tiny person in the package how the huge face of the model appears grinning in. Then suddenly the scales fall from her eyes.

AMANDA?!. The two spent. She thought she was something better and told. She then talked about her behind her back and even stole. She laughs with glee as she reads Amanda's tasks.

- Ass Sweat Remover
- Butt Crack Scratcher
- Fart Absorber
(+ any other thing you think might fit :))

The manual could serve as the thread of. The model could take it from time to time and give Amanda new tasks while she's working in. Full of. She should wear a thong that she can leave on for the whole. One by one the model works her way through the points, her mood fluctuating between gloating and laughing, and being angry because Amanda isn't. The model is feeling gassy,. Ironically, not only did Amanda leave the model behind and treat her badly, she also considered her entire circle of friends unworthy at the time, and ended her friendship with all the other girls as well and talked bad about them.

The model can't wait to tell the...