*Furniture Life – Featuring Domina Helena Locke – SD* – The Queendom mistress smother

*Furniture Life - Featuring Domina Helena Locke - SD* - The Queendom mistress smotherTo find more videos from
The Queendom
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Studio:The Queendom
Length:58 min
What better way for a Dominatrix to relax after a long day than to sit back and relax on Her human furniture slave?  You know, sitting on you, trampling you, and scissoring you has worked up quiet an appetite for Me, Domina Helena says as She sits back and relaxes on jimmy's battered chest.  With Her full weight centered on jimmy's chest all he can do is take shallow breaths and try to be still, lest he incur Helena's wrath for disturbing Her! Domina Helena mostly ignores jimmy, treating him like the piece of furniture that he is!  Occasionally She changes positions, sometimes leaning back against jimmy's legs and covering his face with Her sexy feet.  After 30 minutes She gets tired of looking at his face so Helena strips off Her tight leggings, revealing a sexy thong underneath before covering jimmy's face with Her worn leggings.  Jimmy can't see Helena's beautiful ass, but he can feel it squishing his chest and stomach...