Forbidden error clip : Delinquent duo Kaen the nasty master ft Joeng – Str8crushfeet male foot worship gay foot fetish

Forbidden error clip : Delinquent duo Kaen the nasty master ft Joeng - Str8crushfeet male foot worship gay foot fetishTo find more videos from
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Length:45 min
I am a producer who cares about the health of my masters and slaves but, there are things that I think are basic when creating content, like washing your cock if you are going to use it, for Kaen perhaps this was not so obvious, I remember having been producing this clip without glasses and it was only in post production that I realized everything, the craziest thing of all is that at the end of the clip Kaen's cock was completely clean, so Foxxy actually ate that smegma, then at After consulting him, he told me that Kaen's penis tasted delicious and that it. This is the scenario faced by the protagonist of this story, whose quiet life is abruptly disturbed when Joeng and Kaen, two thieves with morbid intentions, break in through a window, thinking. They begin to slide their feet over the skin of their victim, humiliating him. They take off their socks, throwing them contemptuously towards their victim's mouth, making him to hold. The two men begin to rub their feet over the young man, each movement charged with dominant energy, a. With unquestionable authority, Kaen raises his imposing. The soft skin and subtly fresh scent of her feet. Kaen takes off his shirt and pants, revealing a body that seeks to be pleased: there is a power in his figure, a virility. His skin, smooth and clear, exudes a purity. In this interlude, Kaen and Joeng look for. With a mix of disdain and control, they pull out their phones and begin capturing the moment with the sole purpose of humiliating their submissive, a clear way that each photo is a mark of. Aware of the power that is exercised over him, he dedicates himself to the task with a fervor that does not require physical. Under the stretched fabric of his. As the tension increases, the defined shapes become more evident, hinting at. Kaen's erect, throbbing penis is displayed. With a serious look and a slow movement of his hand, he caresses his thick trunk, seeking to reach the fullness and firmness of his manhood, eager to give it a try to his submissive.
Both, hard and exposed, turn their gaze towards the submissive, and with a voice full of dominance. The submissive, aware of the change in. The submissive approaches, his will aligns with his desires, knowing that his obedience is the key to his own journey through this labyrinth of pleasure and power.
The power play unfolds with an. A discovery that for a moment breaks his concentration; on the one hand, the euphoria of control and, on the other, the repulsion he feels when looking at Kaen and his erect penis that. No, he thinks with unwavering determination, there will be no threesome with Kaen and Sophia this weekend or really ever. It is a mental. Two tests are presented before him, two members that. Enjoyment spills into every caress, every sigh, as he gladly explores the dimensions of a pleasure as clean as the image of his master.
But not every test is one of sweetness, and Kaen's is a. His member, always hard and erect like a mast,. Although the initial aversion threatens to break. The essence of Joeng and Kaen, released upon their submissive, is a coronation, a seal that certifies the totality of their control and the intensity of their shared pleasure.
Foxxy was not only left with...