Astrid – Gag test for her roomy mouth (UHD 4K MP4) – RF studio production belly tied and tickled

Astrid - Gag test for her roomy mouth (UHD 4K MP4) - RF studio production belly tied and tickledTo find more videos from
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Studio:RF studio production
Length:47 min
By. It's no secret to you that Astrid takes large. Astrid sits. You probably already know that Astrid is excellent at taking large. I want to see how she handles the studio. In this test, I insert gags sequentially into Astrid's mouth, and she spends two minutes with. The next ballgag test is made by request. It is no. In this next ballgag test, I'll let Astrid. The setup is standard for. Astrid's abilities when it comes to taking large gags are well. The next. It is a. Astrid sits on a chair on. I sequentially. A ballgag test is made. The camera focuses solely on the close-up. Made. Astrid is bound to. Then, t A ballgag test made by request, this one focuses on. This test. After I insert gags in her mouth. In this next ballgag test,. . By. The setup is traditional. The camera focuses solely on. I sequentially insert gags into her mouth, and she spends two minutes with each one, facing. 2. A small red ballgag: This one is a bit more serious than the cleave gag, but it's quite. It bent because Astrid didn't tightly press it with her teeth,. . The black ballgag: The. . The Red Devil: The Zeus among. It barely fits into the mouth of a few, and Astrid is among. The Red Devil is softer than the black ballgag, but it's simply. That makes it inaccessible for most mouths; it just doesn't fit. The Red. Astrid bravely endured while this titan was in. . The yellow ball with special tape over it: This device tops the chart because it's even. Just squeeze it and put. I inserted it into Astrid's mouth and sealed it with a special transparent tape containing a non-water-based adhesive, disregarding. This means that if this tape sticks to. The main thing is that she enjoys all of...