You're Not Straight, Are You? make me bi gay humiliation

You're Not Straight, Are You? make me bi gay humiliationYou're Not Straight, Are You? make me bi gay humiliationTo find more videos from
Humiliation POV
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Studio:Humiliation POV
Length:10 minutes
it yourself. Youre just too entrenched with living this straight man lifestyle when all you really want is to be used by cock. LOL!Do you need proof? Well you bought this clip, didnt you? And your cock is hard, isnt it? That dick of yours is rock fucking hard. So why dont you go ahead and be a good little faggot for me and start pumping it. Pump that horny secretly gay cock. Up and down for your Goddess. Your Goddess that knows the truth about you, she knows exactly what you crave. You want me to turn you into a complete faggot, dont you? You want me to draw out your gay nature and make you indulge in all of your fantasies lol. Ive done it so many times already to so many other men. And it starts just like this, having you pump to the idea of turning gay. Youve done this so many times, havent you? Jerked your cock to the idea of becoming the faggot that you are deep down.But this time its going to be different. This time I am going to make you actually go out and suck cock. But before I work my dominant power over your suggestible gay little mind, you are going to need to beg me to do it to you. Youre going to need to kneel before me like the obedient little slave we both know you are. And youre going to beg me to turn you out on the street like the gay little slut that you are. I want you to pump your cock and whisper out loud what a gay little faggot you are. Confess all of your homoerotic desires to me lol. Say, Im only good for taking cock, Goddess. Beg me, Goddess please...