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Studio:Grappling Girls in Action
Length:9 min
that help him? Noels 140 pounds versus the queens 230 pounds and the rest of the match is a huge testament to the queens power. Noel was beaten by her muscle power and verbally humiliated while she used her hold, Headscissors, Reverse Headscissors, Face Sit, S. Noel discovered 3 months in advance that he would wrestle Queen Melanin. He worked out hard every day and started a special diet to stay in shape. Would it be helpful against the queen? The 140 pounds of Noel versus the 230 pounds of the queen and the rest of the match proves the queens strength. As she verbally humiliates Noel, she uses her muscles to destroy him, giving him absolutely no chance. Holds include head scissors, reverse headscissors, face sit, S A few months ago, Noel was told...