Stopwatch Time-Stop – Angelica 4K – GG Fetish Media redheads f

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phone to freeze Angelica in place for a period of time. When Angelica is frozen, he is unaware of what is happening, and is able to pose and play with her. After freezing and unfrozening so many times, Angelica gets a little frustrated. Bot As Angelica is on a date with a man she met online, she is all smiles, until he tries to make a move. She rejects him immediately. In anticipation of such an outcome, her date freezes Angelica in place with a special stopwatch app on his phone for the duration he chooses. Angelica stays unaware while frozen, and can be posed and played with as desired. It is understandable that Angelica begins to become irritable after so much freezing and unfrozening. Topless, bot Initially, Angelica was all smiles after meeting a...